Multichampion Mongrels First Fiona out of Miss Ermie of Finnehall and The Niggard, she is out of my first LH imported from Lancashire, Miss Ermie of Finneyhall.


Mongrels Glenellen with her owner Iris Coope

Natalia Kudinova with Mongrels Dingo

at World Winnershow in Budapest 2013.

He became Junior World Winner and 2 Best in Show Terrier

Juniors. And also Junior Champion.

Mongrels Dingo and Mongrels Enjoy Love of My Life whas

the most winning Australian Terriers in Russia 2013 & 2014.

Mongrels Yardley York most winning LH in the world

Mongrels Yardley York, Most winning Heeler in the world with 15 titels and champion in 7 countrys.

Champions at Mongrels Kennel

Mongrels Peggy Bedford blev Mongrels första Amerikanska Champion och hon blev också den första Liver and Tantiken som tog Championtiteln i USA !

Mongrels Kendall SEUCH

Enomis Sparks Will Fly, New Zeland Champion, DK Champion, SW Champion

Mongrels King Manor, Russian Junior Champion

Mongrels Evening Star NUCh, NJV-16 RL 1

Mongrel's Horse and Jockey SEUCH

Mongrels Hardy, Multichampion, most winning Aussie in Germany and Holland

Mongrel's Hillton SEUCH

Mongrel's Flacks SEUCH NUCH

Mongrels Enjoy My One And Only NUCH  

Mongrels Im a Clown SEUCH

Mongrels Glenellen Multi Champion

Mongrels Gordon Multi Champion

Mongrels Gleniffer 1 CC, Best Puppy World Winner -14, Best in Show Puppy Australien Terrierclub-14, Qualifyed for Crufts-15. Reserv CC at Crufts 2015 and second Best Bitch

Reserv CC at Crufts 2018 and second Best Bitch

Nellyson's Åh Holy Moly Macaroni SEUCH

Nellyson's Abrakadabra 1 CC

Mongrels Utopia Ulnes SEUCH

Mongrels Sandy Salwick SEUCH & NUCH

Mongrels Enjoy Hugs And Kisses  CC and European JWWinner-13

Dreampowers Miss Mc Foxy NUCH

Mongrels Dingo Junior World Winner-13, Junior champion X 2. Russia & Estonia Champion.

Mongrels Enjoy Love Of My Life  Multichampion,  Estonian and Russian Champion

Mongrels Enjoy My One And Only, NOUCH & Qualify for Crufts, Best Junior at Crufts 2013.

Mongrels Bright BOS-Puppie x 2. SUCH & NUCH

Mongrels Corinda Such Nuch SV-13

Mongrels Camden 2 CC

Mongrel's Zack Zawley NORD JV-12. 2CC & BOB. DK Champion,Qualify for Crufts

Mongrels Zizzi Zilverdale 2 CC and BOS

Mongrels Admiral Drake 3 CC & BOB  Qualify for Crufts

Mongrels Admiral Duncan Junior Champion in Russia & Estonia.

Mongrels Admiral Blake Junior Champion in Finland.

Simonsville Eamon SE Champion DK Champion.  Qualify for Crufts

Enomis Master Inth Ring , Australian Ch, NUch Such

Glampearls Urmel , BIS puppie x 3,  9 CC at Swedish KK,2 CC Norway. Qualify for Crufts. Swedish Winner -12 & Swedish Junior Winner-12.SUCH & NUCH

Mongrels Belburn  Such Nuch Best in Show 4 Young Dogs at The Terrierclub 3 x BOB  SUCH NUCH,DK CH & Nordic Champion. 4 Best Dog at Crufts 2013.

Mongrels Yardley York 8 CC BOB  & 2 x BOS Danish Winner-11.Norvegian Junior Winner-11.Norvegian Winner -11 Nordic Winner-12 and Nordic Junior winner -12, Amsterdam Winner x 2 CC.  Qualify for Crufts.Viltspårchampion. Second Best Open Bitch at Crufts X 2.

Mongrels Xcott From Doddsfarm SE Champion

Mongrels Tara Tarleton SE Champion 

Mongrels Trinny Tunstall FIN Champion

Mongrels Benalla BIS 2 !

Mongrels Belmont BOB BIS 1 Puppie, BIS puppie 6-9 month, NORD JUNIOR WINNER -10, 2 CC

Mongrels Belburn NORDCH,  BOB BIS 4 Puppie

Mongrels Armidale BOB Puppie, BOS Puppie x 2

Mongrels Rianna Rivington 1 CC

Mongrels Norman Noble 1 CC

Mongrels Stanley Singleton 6 CC and BOB x 2.  SUCH NUCH

Mongrels Quincy Quarter 3 CC NCH

Mongrels Quentin Quarrington 10 CC , SECH NCH DKCH NORDCH 

Mongrels Qays Quixwood 1 CC BOS

Mongrels Paisley Pennington NUCH NVV-17 RL 1

Mongrels King Kirkham NUCH & DKCH & SUCH & NORDUCH ,NORDW-10. Danish Winner-11.  Qualify for Crufts.Viltspårchampion.

Mongrels Paddy Preston Est.JuniorW-09 Est W-09 Est Junior Champion , FIN CH  EESCh.  Qualify for Crufts

Mongrels Nanna Notyngham  NUCH SUCH


Mongrels Betty-Boop  SUCH

Mongrels Cutie-Cate   SUCH

Mongrels Classy-Clay  SUCH

Mongrels Darling-Daisy  SUCH

Mongrels Darling-Daisy  SUCH

Mongrels Exelent-Errol  SUCH



Mongrels Fribble-Freddie SUCH

Mongrels Fair-Fanny SFCH, ESTCH

Mongrels Greate-Giggolo SUCH NUCH SWWINNER

Mongrels Glemy-Glenda SUCH NUCH

Mongrels Gallant-Gaby 1CC

Mongrels Handsome-Hank MULTICH, NORDWINNER,NORWINNER,SWWINNER  Qualify for Crufts

Mongrels Holy-Horticha  MULTICH  Qualify for Crufts

Mongrels Hopful-Honey SUCH NUCH

Mongrels Hannibal-Haze  Obedience prize 1

Mongrels Joky-Joe SUCH NUCH and the first LH OBEDIENCE CHAMPION in the world!

Mongrels Just-Joy NUCH

Mongrels Jolly-Jane SUCH

Mongrels Kenny-Keyman  SUCH

Mongrels Lady-Laura SUCH , BEST IN SHOW LHC

Mongrels Lazy-Leroy SUCH

Mongrels Outlaw-Oliver NORDCH

Mongrels Pretty-Pamilla  SAGCH, SAGCH Jump. The first LH Agility Champion in the World !

Mongrels Quality-Queen SUCH NUCH

Mongrels Robust-Rodney  SUCH NUCH SWWINNER  , BEST IN SHOW 2005  SLHK  Qualify for Crufts

Mongrels Running-Rosanne SUCH SFUCH

Mongrels Romantic-Rowena 1CC

Mongrels Talking-Theodor  MULTICH, SFWINNER,KBHWINNER   Qualify for Crufts


Mongrels Velvet-Vera SUCH

Mongrels Wonderful-Wilma NORDCH  Nord-Winner N-Winner  Qualify for Crufts

Mongrels Xetisfied-Xabea 1 CC

Mongrels Xensible-Xes BEST IN SHOW PUPPIE

Mongrels Yelling-Yosanne   SUCH

Mongrels Robust Rodney SUCH SFUCH Best in Show 2005 SLHK 100 ENTRIES  Qualify for Crufts

Mongrels Alec Armstrong SUCH

Mongrels Angus Aspinall SUCH NUCH  NordJW-04 SW-05 NordW-06 NW-07 . Norvegian Winner-11.  Qualify for Crufts