Mongrels Glenellen with her owner Iris Coope

Natalia Kudinova with Mongrels Dingo

at World Winnershow in Budapest 2013.


He became Junior World Winner and 2 Best in Show Terrier

Juniors. And also Junior Champion.


Mongrels Dingo and Mongrels Enjoy Love of My Life whas

the most winning Australian Terriers in Russia 2013 & 2014.

Mongrels Yardley York most winning LH 2013-2014

Mongrels Yardley York, Most winning heeler with 15 titels and champion in 7 countrys.

Champions at Mongrels Kennel


Mongrel's Flacks SEUCH NUCH


Mongrels Enjoy My One And Only NUCH


Mongrels Glenellen Multi Champion


Mongrels Gordon Multi Champion


Mongrels Gleniffer 1 CC, Best Puppy World Winner -14, Best in Show Puppy Australien Terrierclub-14, Qualifyed for Crufts-15. Reserv CC at Crufts 2015 and second Best Bitch


Nellyson's Åh Holy Moly Macaroni SEUCH


Nellyson's Abrakadabra 1 CC


Mongrels Utopia Ulnes SEUCH


Mongrels Sandy Salwick SEUCH & NUCH


Mongrels Enjoy Hugs And Kisses  CC and European JWWinner-13


Dreampowers Miss Mc Foxy NUCH


Mongrels Dingo Junior World Winner-13, Junior champion X 2. Russia & Estonia Champion.


Mongrels Enjoy Love Of My Life CC and Estonian and Russian Champion


Mongrels Enjoy My One And Only, NOUCH & Qualify for Crufts, Best Junior at Crufts 2013.


Mongrels Bright BOS-Puppie x 2. SUCH & NUCH


Mongrels Corinda Such Nuch SV-13


Mongrels Camden 2 CC


Mongrel's Zack Zawley NORD JV-12. 2CC & BOB. DK Champion,Qualify for Crufts


Mongrels Zizzi Zilverdale 2 CC and BOS


Mongrels Admiral Drake 3 CC & BOB  Qualify for Crufts


Mongrels Admiral Duncan Junior Champion in Russia & Estonia.


Mongrels Admiral Blake Junior Champion in Finland.


Simonsville Eamon SE Champion DK Champion.  Qualify for Crufts


Enomis Master Inth Ring , Australian Ch, NUch Such


Glampearls Urmel , BIS puppie x 3,  9 CC at Swedish KK,2 CC Norway. Qualify for Crufts. Swedish Winner -12 & Swedish Junior Winner-12.SUCH & NUCH


Mongrels Belburn  Such Nuch Best in Show 4 Young Dogs at The Terrierclub 3 x BOB  SUCH NUCH,DK CH & Nordic Champion. 4 Best Dog at Crufts 2013.


Mongrels Yardley York 8 CC BOB  & 2 x BOS Danish Winner-11.Norvegian Junior Winner-11.Norvegian Winner -11 Nordic Winner-12 and Nordic Junior winner -12, Amsterdam Winner x 2 CC.  Qualify for Crufts.Viltspårchampion. Second Best Open Bitch at Crufts X 2.


Mongrels Xcott From Doddsfarm SE Champion


Mongrels Tara Tarleton SE Champion 


Mongrels Trinny Tunstall FIN Champion


Mongrels Benalla BIS 2 !


Mongrels Belmont BOB BIS 1 Puppie, BIS puppie 6-9 month, NORD JUNIOR WINNER -10, 2 CC


Mongrels Belburn NORDCH, BOB BIS 4 Puppie


Mongrels Armidale BOB Puppie, BOS Puppie x 2


Mongrels Rianna Rivington 1 CC


Mongrels Norman Noble 1 CC


Mongrels Stanley Singleton 6 CC and BOB x 2.  SUCH NUCH


Mongrels Quincy Quarter 3 CC NCH


Mongrels Quentin Quarrington 10 CC , SECH NCH DKCH NORDCH 


Mongrels Qays Quixwood 1 CC BOS


Mongrels Paisey Pennington NUCH


Mongrels King Kirkham NUCH & DKCH & SUCH & NORDUCH ,NORDW-10. Danish Winner-11.  Qualify for Crufts.Viltspårchampion.


Mongrels Paddy Preston Est.JuniorW-09 Est W-09 Est Junior Champion , FIN CH  EESCh.  Qualify for Crufts


Mongrels Nanna Notyngham  NUCH SUCH





Mongrels Betty-Boop  SUCH


Mongrels Cutie-Cate   SUCH


Mongrels Classy-Clay  SUCH


Mongrels Darling-Daisy  SUCH


Mongrels Darling-Daisy  SUCH


Mongrels Exelent-Errol  SUCH






Mongrels Fribble-Freddie SUCH


Mongrels Fair-Fanny SFCH, ESTCH


Mongrels Greate-Giggolo SUCH NUCH SWWINNER


Mongrels Glemy-Glenda SUCH NUCH


Mongrels Gallant-Gaby 1CC


Mongrels Handsome-Hank MULTICH, NORDWINNER,NORWINNER,SWWINNER  Qualify for Crufts


Mongrels Holy-Horticha  MULTICH  Qualify for Crufts


Mongrels Hopful-Honey SUCH NUCH


Mongrels Hannibal-Haze  Obedience prize 1


Mongrels Joky-Joe SUCH NUCH and the first LH OBEDIENCE CHAMPION in the world!


Mongrels Just-Joy NUCH


Mongrels Jolly-Jane SUCH


Mongrels Kenny-Keyman  SUCH


Mongrels Lady-Laura SUCH , BEST IN SHOW LHC


Mongrels Lazy-Leroy SUCH


Mongrels Outlaw-Oliver NORDCH


Mongrels Pretty-Pamilla  SAGCH, SAGCH Jump. The first LH Agility Champion in the World !


Mongrels Quality-Queen SUCH NUCH


Mongrels Robust-Rodney  SUCH NUCH SWWINNER  , BEST IN SHOW 2005  SLHK  Qualify for Crufts


Mongrels Running-Rosanne SUCH SFUCH


Mongrels Romantic-Rowena 1CC


Mongrels Talking-Theodor  MULTICH, SFWINNER,KBHWINNER   Qualify for Crufts




Mongrels Velvet-Vera SUCH


Mongrels Wonderful-Wilma NORDCH  Nord-Winner N-Winner  Qualify for Crufts


Mongrels Xetisfied-Xabea 1 CC


Mongrels Xensible-Xes BEST IN SHOW PUPPIE


Mongrels Yelling-Yosanne   SUCH


Mongrels Robust Rodney SUCH SFUCH Best in Show 2005 SLHK 100 ENTRIES  Qualify for Crufts


Mongrels Alec Armstrong SUCH


Mongrels Angus Aspinall SUCH NUCH  NordJW-04 SW-05 NordW-06 NW-07 . Norvegian Winner-11.  Qualify for Crufts