A new generation at Mongrels Kennel

Mongrels Carella 5 month old

Glampearls Urmel 7 month old and as a puppies 4 month old

Mongrels Carella

Mongrels Admiral Drake 3 month old

Drake 6 month old

Mongrels Zizzi Zilverdale 4 month old


Mongrels Xcott From Doddsfarm

                                                                                       Foto Jenny Petman


Mongrels Rianna Rivington

Mongrels Vanessa Vauxhall

Foto Jenny Petman

Mongrels Xofia From Doddsfarm

Mongrels Tara Tarleton

Mongrels Stanley Singleton

äg. Jenny petman



 Mongrels Norman Noble


Simonville Eamon


Mongrels Savanna Saddleworth 4 month old

Mongrels Qays Quixwood

Mongrels Stedman Shevington 4 month old


M.Stedman Shevington 4 month


Mongrels Toby Turton

4 month old


Mongrels Toby Turton

4 month

Topolinos Glittra

Hotpots Chocolate Bar at Mongrels and
 Mongrels Fay Forest.

Mongrels Fay Forest



Doddsline Hot Chocolate